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Energy router - intelligent energy management

About the Energy router

Our company produces a device for proportional regulation and directioning of electrical energy created in fotovoltaic, water or air electric power station, which we called the Energy router. Recovery of investment, conditioned by effective use of energy, is under two years.

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Energy router CPU

A processor-controlled contactor operating according to the user-selected program. It is designed to launch certain electric appliances that can wait for excess of electricity made by the alternative electric power station. Once they are launched, their operation cycle must finish.

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Energy router PWM

Uses the principle of feedback that ensures the proportional regulator, which is a part of the device, redirects the excessive electricity into accumulating appliance. Such appliance may be thermal, such as boiler, heat storage stove, swimming pool heating, or an accumulator...

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Energy router COMBO

The ENERGY ROUTER COMBO is a combination of the two previous solutions (CPU + PWM).

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